Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is LearnTechLib?
LearnTechLib is a valuable online resource of peer-reviewed and published international journal articles and proceedings papers on the latest research, developments, and applications related to all aspects of Learning and Technology.

What journals and conference proceedings are covered in LearnTechLib?
Currently, all AACE internationally respect journals and conference proceedings are included in LearnTechLib. Back issues and proceedings are continually being added to LearnTechLib.

Archived journals and conference proceedings.

Who has access to LearnTechLib?
All users may access and fully search LearnTechLib. To access the full text articles, you need to be a current individual subscriber of the journal being accessed or a subscriber of  EdITLib.

How can I subscribe to LearnTechLib?
Current AACE members have the option of adding a subscription to LearnTechLib to their membership. You may add a subscription to your membership by logging into your membership profile at:

Non AACE members may subscribe to LearnTechLib and receive additional benefits as an AACE member. For further information and to subscribe, see:

How can my institution or library subscribe to LearnTechLib?
Annual subscriptions to LearnTechLib are very affordable for Institutions, Libraries, Corporations, and Consortia. For further information and to subscribe, see:

Can I submit papers for inclusion in LearnTechLib?
LearnTechLib only includes peer-reviewed materials. Please contact with the specifics on your papers.

As conference organizers, how can we include our presenters' paper in LearnTechLib?
If you represent a conference and wish to include your presenters' papers in LearnTechLib please email, preferably prior to the submission of papers to the conference. Most authors should view international distribution of their papers via LearnTechLib as an additional benefit offered by the conference.