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Collections for Assessment & Evaluation


  • 154


    Compiled by: Kylie Peters

  • 603

    AACE journals

    Compiled by: ZC C

  • 10


    Compiled by: frank krings

  • 36

    E-Learn 2015

    Compiled by: Xavier Gomez

  • 5


    Compiled by: Verily Tan , SIM University , Singapore

  • 14


    Compiled by: Donald Sheridan , The University of Auckland Business School , New Zealand

  • 10

    Formative Evaluation

    Compiled by: Santia Velazquez , Puerto Rico

  • 29

    ID - 2

    Compiled by: Bill Hall

  • 1

    Information Literacy Education (Library & Media)

    digital & printed media blended literacy, competence in access to both types of media, teaching or learning by means of digital media, blended media literacy theory or professional practice by librarians or other faculty at secondary schools or in higher education

    Compiled by: Fred Hoffmann

  • 6

    learning tool

    Compiled by: frank krings